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Number 8 in asian culture

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Chinese Lucky Numbers

Number 8 in asian culture

For Chinese the number 8 is considered lucky just like the number 7 is considered lucky in the West. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Olympic games in China start on August 8, or 08/08/ In China you have to pay extra to have the number 8 in your phone number or license plate. Jun 27,  · No. 8 in Chinese Culture. Because Eight (Ba in Chinese) has the similar pronunciation with 发 (Fa, meaning wealth or fortune), this number is very welcome among Chinese people. The popularity of 8 was obvious in relation to the Beijing Olympic Games which commenced at exactly eight o’clock eight minutes on the eighth day of the eighth month in Like people all over the world, Chinese people also associate luck with various things and numbers. 8 is the luckiest number, while 4 is an unlucky number.

Number 8 in asian culture
Number 8 in asian culture

A number is divisible by 8 if its last three digits, when written in decimalare also divisible by 8, or its last three digits are 0 when written in binary. There are a total of eight convex deltahedra. A polygon with eight sides is an octagon. Figurate numbers representing octagons including eight are called octagonal numbers. A polyhedron number 8 in asian culture eight faces is an octahedron.

Number 8 in asian culture
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